We Choose to Go......

"We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard,

.....because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we're willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win...."

President John F. Kennedy

Rice University, Houston     Sept 1962

We Choose to Go....

US Manned Space flight faces an uncertain future.  The Soviet Cold War/Space Race, two spaceflight Shuttle orbiter accidents, one Apollo ground test accident, and years of budget cuts could not indefintely ground American astronauts.  US astronauts are now grounded by lack of vision, leadership and understanding.  Five decades of Space exploration, training and leadership is at risk. Government leaders are temporary stewards of what makes America great.  The US Space Program has no equal......Until now. Many nations are next in line to take the lead in Space Exploration. Russia, China, India.  Because promoting science and technology is not campaign talk to those nations.  It is a way to move their people into world prominence.  It is a way to seize the technological and monetary riches derived from space exploration.

There is room for all nations....all flags...in the exploration of space.  We must make sure that our Stars and Stripes is one of the flags painted on a spacecraft traveling to unknown places. America would be a different place if the American Flag was not on the Moon. 

This web site offers ideas and videos to promote US Manned Spaceflight. To encourage our leaders to support this continued great national effort. Or encourage others to take their place.  

Ideas or examples of commercial or private space flight efforts are welcome to be discussed here.  Send photos or videos or anything of your vehicle.  If you build it, I will fly it for you! 

The First YouTube video was just released on October 8, 2011.

See Man Returns to the Moon. 


YouTube video number 2 was released on February 11,2012.

See What Might We Find on the Moon?


We Choose To Go video production team

Man Returns To The Moon

 Let me add my thanks for the friends that assisted me with this project.  I have never created a video.  I would not have been able to do this without skilled and talented help.  I have never longed to make a video. However I have always looked for ways to promote and participate in the Space Program. If you build it...I will fly it! My Friends listed here have helped me reach and capture, things beyond my grasp.

Ed Bandy was the crucial ingredient to get this project started. I originally had a series of still photos in mind.  I met Ed accidentially (usually how great projects get started) and shared my idea with him. Soon it was destined to be a video for the world to see.  Ed owns the Astronaut Training Center.  You can hire him and his staff to bring extremely authentic space suits and gear (including the Lunar Module Leg and ladder) to your school or organization.  There is no better way to inspire and educate children then letting them suit up and "walk" on the Moon.  Planting the American flag.  I know.....I've seen the little kids light up with excitement.  Ed is a kindred spirit to me and was game for anything I suggested.

Contact him at Edbandy@sbcglobal.net

Tim Gagnon is a graphic artist in Florida.  He has been creating works of art and mission patches and insignia for Space Shuttle, International Space Station crews and others for many years. Being a NASA patch collector all of my life, I realize there is a special mystique to mission or program patches. Tim has taken it to new levels.  I cannot tell you the thrill for me when I learned that Tim was designing a patch for my project.  So watch the video and see the mission patch on the space suit.  I love this mission patch.  I have it everywhere.  I will post on this site soon. 

Heather Smith was in charge of all still photography.  She has a great eye and puts all of us at ease.  I love all of her work. She followed me around two sets taking all of my stills.  I see thru the lens like a newsman.  Heather sees thru the lens like an artist, a poet and a philosopher!  I capture moments. Heather captures the essence of people. 

Fonda Stewart let me have access to the "The Shoot House" once again.  This time transforming it into the lunar surface.

Ashlie Rhey is a veteran of many productions as an actor and model.  Too much to list here.  She has YouTube experience as Daisy Power!  A funny and entertaining series of a girl following the advice of her Guardian Angel.  Check out the Daisy Power series.  She is talented, intelligent, beautiful and has a great eye.  More importantly she is a teacher to me in editing and The Universe.  I have never touched any editing equipment until this project. She skillfully guided me thru this project.  She was the director and principal camera operator. Her style of direction was great for a Newbie like me.  If not for Ashlie this would not have happened.

Visit www.AshlieRhey.com

Anjanette Clewis is responsible for this entire thing.   The details of that story for another day. Anjanette is an actor best known for her work in independent horror films.  A Scream Queen who has worked in other genres as well.  In the Daisy Power series she is the Guardian Angel Marie Antoinette!  Her newest horror film is "Through Hell" and will be released soon.  She was the second unit camera operator and Mission Control for "Man Returns to the Moon."  She was very patient with my direction and camera operation.  I could not have developed and executed this project without her.    

 Visit www.Anjanetteclewis.com

Axis Hedov composed and played the original music for the second video, What Might We Find on the Moon?

Adam Samaz was the photographer for the video What Might We Find on the Moon?  He is very talented with all cameras and puts together killer commercials.  See his work at www.samaze.com.

Krystle Starr is one of the Moongirls in What Might We Find on the Moon? She is a very talented model with diverse styles.  You can see her work at  www.samaze.com.

Lacey Lemmond is another Moongirl in What Might We Find on the Moon? Lacey is usually behind the camera.  She is known for working on large photographic projects.   

Dani Morgan is a local model and Extreme sports athlete.  She has been working on the promotion of these videos.

Bob Sanders is the creator of this page and many aspects of the vidoes promoting US Manned exploration of space.  His goal is to create awareness, make a political statement,stimulate conversation,  provide some humor at times, ask questions and some may actually learn something about space science.


 Email any questions or comments to bob@wechoosetogo.com